Igniting a Revolution in Advanced Manufacturing through Coll


We will develop and demonstrate an advanced Virtual Manufacturing Enterprise using an ultrafast high gigabit network for design analysis, assembly planning, simulation & physical assembly

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Impact statement

End users will be able to input a design model or file from a remote location using a thin client whose assembly can be analyzed, simulated and finally produced. The live demonstration will highlight an exciting way in which manufacturing planning, analysis, simulation and physical resources can be accessed rapidly and seamlessly using the next generation ultrafast networks. They will see and believe that the future has arrived. Using this radically transformative approach, manufacturing companies will benefit by the highgigabit network which will help them be lean and agile while responding to customers worldwide.
Advanced manufacturing collaborations for the future will involve the collaborative use of distributed resources and teams to function as virtual enterprises. In such collaborations, there is a need to be agile in responding to customer requirements. Our focus in this project is an important emerging manufacturing domain called “micro devices assembly”. Micro devices assembly holds the potential of revolutionizing the manufacturing of micron sized devices in a range of domains from semiconductor manufacturing to chemlab-on-a-chip products. A key step in this collaborative life cycle is the planning and simulation of assembly alternatives using Virtual Reality based engineering approaches. However, the high gigabit, low latency network to enable collaboration among distributed manufacturing and design partners using such Virtual Reality technology is not supported by current Internet networks. This problem will be addressed by us as its crucial for the future of agile collaborations in advanced manufacturing fields.
In education, the same approach can be used to enable (a) autistic children (b) K-12 students (c) engineering students to access, collaborate, explore and learn using a wealth of science/engineering/technology resources which require ultra fast high gigabit networks. This project outcome will radically change the face of education.