Health Data IS Big Data


The "mashing" of patient, provider, and payer data in the cloud. The movement of massive amounts of data from entities to a single system of truth where Big Data can be anlyzed and used to save money.

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Impact statement

There are many benefits from this solution. The first benefit is the ability to take patient, payor, and provider data feeds and mash it together. This is the analytics piece of the solution. The assumption here is that everything is secure, encrypted, and adheres to HIPAA standards. The results from the analytics would be information shown to all entities in the health care cycle via the site, or by other means. This could be reports, file feeds into other systems, etc. This mash of data, analysis of data, and display of the results as information, is key to all the talk around the Affordable Health Care Act and all its mandates. This solution will prove meaningful use, and will engage all entities to participate in serving the patient, and getting them engaged.
The second benefit is the ability to practice tele-medicine real time. The network and application will be able to provide clinicians the ability to use the practice management system, with digital voice/video capabilities, to have encounters with patients at home, at remote clinics, or anywhere in the world. By utilizing open source applications, cloud based applications, the network, and COTS data video/voice endpoint equipment we can centralize the encounter, collect data, analyze it, and provide information real-time to patients, providers, and payors.