PA 2040 (Washington DC)

PA 2040 (Washington DC)

Golden Triangle BID Smart Urban Blvd. Concept

The PA 2040 initiative utilizes wireless service to improve maintenance and transportation management and user experience on the Pennsylvania Ave corridor in Washington D.C. The foundation for the system is envisioned as a
pervasive mesh Wi-Fi network. The Wi-Fi will serve to provide free internet access to the public, secure services to public safety entities, and extend connectivity for environmental sensors. In addition, the Light Sensory Network will bring advanced wireless networking, advanced sensors (e.g., video), and edge-based processing of real-time street data to the LED streetlights to solve parking, traffic, public safety, and street operations and maintenance issues on the corridor. A sampling of the capabilities includes wayfinding, parking demand management, improved maintenance response times and emergency response management. Analytics from the public Wi-Fi will also allow for greater information about the origins of corridor visitors to enable a more customized user experience with language options. The analytics could help improve overall planning and programming of the public space.

Project milestone

Idea Complete

Idea Complete
Prototype Complete
In Development

Impact statement

This project could benefit citizens by creating faster parking information, reduced crime at night and improved emergency response times. It could benefit the City by reducing 311 calls and maintenance for lights.