S-mart Strijp-S, Brainport Eindhoven

S-mart Strijp-S, Brainport Eindhoven

66 acres Dutch heritage is transforming into a vibrant area: Strijp-S. An open Living Lab: technological innovation serves what people want.

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Impact statement

A great example of integrated smart city development in practice is the Living Lab Strijp-S in Eindhoven: the brain port of the Netherlands. The place where design and engineering come together in a neighbourhood that was left derelict only ten years ago. With the help of VolkerWessels’ internal and external partners and the municipality of Eindhoven the neighbourhood is now more vibrant than ever. And the key to its success? Technological innovation always serves what people want. And not the other way around.


  • SDN
  • OpenFlow
  • Low-latency
  • Local cloud / edge computing
  • Advanced wireless
  • GENI/US Ignite Rack
  • Layer 2