FIWARE MyCity (Eindhoven)

FIWARE MyCity (Eindhoven)

Brief Description:

Eindhoven is one of the six Dutch cities that signed the Open and Agile Smart Cities (OASC) letter of intent to join an initiative that will create smart cities based on the needs of cities and communities. Eindhoven wants to accelerate the smart city wave by adapting the FIWARE platform. In the LivingLab Stratumseind and other fieldlabs Eindhoven needs a smart city platform: to cope with the data and organize the traffic of the information.

Challenges and Solutions:

For the collecting of data in the public space in the Livinglab Stratumseind in Eindhoven (and other fieldlabs), transport, storage, sharing, analyzing, and use of these data and the information a smart city platform is developed that fits the goals of the LivingLab Stratumseind and can be a model or standard to cope with data in smart cities : practical, supporting the public private collaboration in the LivingLab Stratumseind on public safety, interoperability, avoiding vendor lock-in, supporting comparability. We want to develop a practice that can easily be shared. FIWARE is used to provide an urban data platform in the cloud.

Major Requirements:

Partnership of the city of Eindhoven with other governmental partners, business partners and knowledge partners in a PPP that is already working on issues as the public safety, attractiveness and livability of Stratumseind has to be enlarged with a smart city platform that enables these partners and other parties to develop smart solutions.

Performance Targets/ Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

- A smart city platform that supports the development of smart solutions in the LivingLab Stratumseind
- The platform can manage the data collected in the LivingLab, open data, archived and real time data
- The platform will facilitate innovation by the partners and, as much as possible, by other parties by making data publicly available and enabling access through open interfaces.
Measurement Methods:

- Compliant with the City of Eindhoven Smart Society Charter: IoT Architecture principles & guidelines (under construction)


Connecting various data sorts into one environment based on FIWARE.

Replicability, Scalability, and Sustainability:

A modular architecture with open interfaces as the core of the IoT or data-driven development to ensure interoperability and facilitate re-use and cooperation.
A smart city data platform in the cloud


The smart city platform will bring in a dashboard with information and insights that is supporting and stimulating the development of smart solutions for public safety in the Stratumseind in Eindhoven: less incidents, a safer place, attracting more people. The platform will stimulate the global interest to the region of Eindhoven allowing the local partners in the PPP to grow their business.

Demonstration/Deployment Phases: first developments started in 2016.

Project milestone


Idea Complete
Prototype Complete
In Development