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Scroll through and explore these exciting next-generation application in various stages of development. All these applications use next-gen technologies like software-defined networking, local cloud and gigabit to end-user and are transforming how we live, work, learn and play. If you have an applications you would like to include in this growing list, please following the instruction below and join the US Ignite community.


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Smart Gigabit Communities Education & Workforce

C3STEM: Community-situated, Challenge-based, Collaborative STEM Learning Environment

Uses real-world challenge problems for collaborative STEM education and learning. Service is being hosted at

Smart Gigabit Communities Energy

Secure-WAMS: Cyber-security mechanisms for wide-area monitoring and control of next-generation power grids

The application demonstrates impacts of cyber attacks and network latency in a power grid, and how the intelligent wide-area communications and distributed applications help re-stabilize the grid.

Smart Gigabit Communities Energy


ParaDrop is a virtualized platform for home WiFi gateways that allows diverse third-party services (e.g., home automation) to be easily installed and managed. - We will show how developers can install different applications and services ...

Madison, WI
Smart Gigabit Communities Health

SeaCat: SDN End-to-End Application Containment

Securing OpenMRS (open source medical record system) by deploying it in the SeaCat Application Containment framework. Demo will show the following: - Initially user only has access to the default network context. - User uses a browser ...

Smart Gigabit Communities Health

Interactive Interface for Remote Physical Therapy

Our interactive physical therapy interface provides remote, in-home assessment and coaching with quantitative measurement of balance and movement 1. A physical therapist (PT) will be standing by at the University of Missouri, Columbia, MO. 2 ...

Kansas City, KS and MO
US Ignite Next Gen Apps Energy

Optimizing Public Transit

We are developing tools to help city planners make smarter decisions around real-time dynamic scheduling of public transportation.

San Francisco, CA
Smart Gigabit Communities Advanced Manufacturing

Simulation-as-a-Service for Advanced Manufacturing

We want to transform how professionals and students can make and learn-about advanced manufacturing components through a "simulation-as-a-service" app based on cloud resource and software access. Advanced Manufacturing Apps that perform complex modeling and simulation ...

Smart Gigabit Communities General / Platform / Other

SD2N: Software-Defined Urban Distribution Network for Smart Cities

Develop a gigabit infrastructure to integrate SDN and real-time computing for ultra- resilient, efficient and secure urban power networks.

Smart Gigabit Communities None

Remotely-Guided VR Field Trips with "Kvasir-VR" and a Virtual Solar Energy Plant

The project develops technology for teachers and students to share virtual worlds, and applies this to remotely-guided VR field trips. “Kvasir-VR” injects livestreamed 3D teacher imagery into the VR views of immersed students, and integrates ...

Lafayette, LA
Smart Gigabit Communities Education & Workforce

The Path to Python

A free, browser-based application that teaches middle school students Python linearly without a teacher. Students can start, stop and save, practicing at their own pace

Austin, TX
Smart Gigabit Communities Public Safety

Just-in-time VR Training for Ambus EMS

Large emergencies like the Vegas shooting/ Hurricane Harvey occur randomly and without notice. Training for these events can be challenging

Austin, TX
Smart Gigabit Communities Education & Workforce

World Symphony

Our project is an app called World Symphony, created to connect musicians and artists from around the world and provide the opportunity to interact with each other. Our app utilizes LoLa (Low Latency Audio and ...

US Ignite Phoenix, AZ