Smart Agriculture (Montgomery County)

Smart Agriculture (Montgomery County)


– Offer current and future local farmers #IoT technology to help them be more productive
– Transform Montgomery County’s agricultural reserve land into a financially sustainable vehicle for economic opportunity for county residents

– Creating a standard process for collecting and storing data from various sensors operating on different platforms

Major Requirements:

Collaborate with current farmers, Office of Agriculture, and other ag experts to identify potential applications of #IoT technology
– Engage #IoT experts to develop #IoT solutions to address the farming community’s needs
– Pilot #IoT solutions in farms of farmer participants
– Measure ongoing success of the program and adapt program as necessary

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

– Increased farm productivity
– Increased % of reserve land occupied by farms

Measurement Methods:

– Farm productivity: data from USDA farm census and Montgomery County’s Dept of Ag to measure sales revenue and product output
– Reserve land: Montgomery County Ag Reserve Program data


– Established communications protocols with NoSQL data representation allows for created solutions to be interoperable with any cloud solution and sensor array

Replicability, Scalability, and Sustainability:

– Establishment of a standard kit of smart-agriculture sensors allows for higher replicability. This will require understanding of the type and usage of sensors in smart-agriculture
– Scalability is maintained through distributed publish/subscribe communications schemes for producers/consumers
– Sustainability is promoted through the creation of rugged, weatherized hardware evaluated over the period of the trials

Project Impacts:

– Agriculture become a new path for economic opportunity in the county
– Increase fiscal sustainability of agricultural reserve land
– Support locally grown food and local businesses


Phase I Pilot/Demonstration June 2016:

– Network infrastructure developed
– Sensors deployed in volunteer farms

Phase II Deployment June 2017:

Project milestone


Idea Complete
Prototype Complete
In Development