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Chattanooga’s 4K Microscopy Education Program gives K-12 students the opportunity to do authentic research with the most advanced technologies available in ultra high definition video and microscopy. Students devise their own research questions like—“How does pollution impact the microbiome activity in the Tennessee River?”

With real time remote instrumentation abilities, students and teachers are able to collaborate with each other using the most cutting edge technologies, and through the gigabit network students and teachers have extensive access to a range of scientific resources. Such a high quality level of programming and research has raised students’ engagement and confidence—rather than just being told what the future might look like for their college science classes —they are actively taking part in the future.

As a result of the program, research skills are climbing to new levels for K-12 students. As the program is being deployed in more schools in the coming semester, the entire Chattanooga community is proud to be a part of this model education program. What’s more, for students working alongside their classroom teachers throughout Chattanooga area schools, the program is a powerful beginning for further explorations in their STEM education and careers.

Acknowledgments: NSF, US Ignite, EPB, Hamilton County Department of Education, Public Education Foundation, STEM School Chattanooga, University of Southern California

Team Information: 4K Microscopy: Next-Generation STEM Education, Ken Hays (TEC), Andrew Rodgers (TEC), Jim David (STEM School Assistant Principal, HCDE STEM Facilitator), Shannon Seigle (STEM School)

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