CyDECS: Cyber Defense Exercise (CDE) for Critical Infrastructure Security ()

CyDECS: Cyber Defense Exercise (CDE) for Critical Infrastructure Security ()

GCTC Tech Jam Presentation

This team showcased its research related to the cyber security and resiliency of the power grid with a particular focus on the use of attack and defense tools and techniques demonstrating realistic cyber attacks and defenses. The electric power grid is a complex cyber physical system (CPS) that forms the lifeline of modern society. Cyber security and resiliency of the power grid is of paramount importance to national security and economic well-being. CPS security testbeds are enabling technologies that provide realistic experimental platforms for the validation and evaluation of security technologies, the exploration of innovative countermeasures, and the training of government and industry stakeholders and students within controlled environments. This GCTC
project, building on the Smart America project, will demonstrate the federation of three cyber security testbeds (i.e., PowerCyber: CPS Security Testbed for Smart Grid, ISERink: Cyber Defense Competition platform, both from Iowa State University and the DETER cyber security testbed from USC/ISI) and cyber security training exercises,
with credible and interesting use-case scenarios, for government and industry stakeholders and university students. The integrated testbed platform together with associated tools and training modules will
fundamentally transform the cyber security preparedness and response training exercise from the current table-top attack-defense exercise, (called, GridEx conducted by NERC) to a more realistic testbed-based attack-defense exercise that will significantly help to secure the grid against cyber- attacks in the future.

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Impact statement

The benefits/impacts of this project are two fold: (i) developing realistic attack-defense scenarios and learning modules, and (ii) imparting cyber security training exercise to homeland security professionals and critical infrastructure asset owners that will enable them systematically understand emerging cyber threats and effectively respond to them. In addition, the project will train students in cyber security of critical infrastructures via CPS-CDC (Cyber Physical Systems - Cyber Defense Competition).