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Firefighter geolocation and management is a remarkable lifesaving Smart City Cyber-Physical solution for Firefighters.

The Firefighter Geolocation and Management solution is a Smart Cities solution that was originally developed while working with the Kansas City Fire Department by their request. The working prototype uses authenticated municipal Big Data from City Departments like Planning, Zoning, Building, Transportation and Water and leverages this data into a 3D real time environment for informed decision making. This solution also leverages the Internet of Things by using a check-in and check-out feature that ensures fire fighters safety when then enter a fire event. Solutions that can decrease risk and increase the likelihood of survival during an emergency are critical in the growth of Smart Cities. This is one of these solutions. This project protects the safety and reduces the risk of first responders through innovative Cyber Physical technology products that enhance the experience of people, places and things. By using a 3D (real time) gaming browser, this solution puts together various sources of authenticated data from municipalities to create an on-demand, real-time environment where critical data about an emergency can be displayed to each firefighter, before, during and after the event takes place.

Acknowledgments: We would like to thank Brett Deichler, PMP, Director, Unified Gov’t 311 Operations, Kansas City, Kansas and James Garrett, Deputy Fire Chief, Kansas City, Missouri Fire Department for their support of this solution.

Team Information: OrbiFire/the digit group, inc.,

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