Writing a Great Application Profile

Listing your smart city product in the US Ignite Application Registry is a great way to reach smart city partners and get noticed by the large US Ignite community. Writing a short descriptive summary helps reviewers discover, understand, and adopt it.

Submit applications or updates to [email protected] or through our website.

Project Title

A short and memorable project name that is, easy to find using search engines is usually best. A bonus a short tag line after the product name helps reviewers at a glance. A total character count under 50 usually helps the title fit into the space for the list. Example: “Gigabots, collaborative robotics programming education”

Project Description

There are a few different elements of a good project description, each should be broken into a separate paragraph or section. Ultimately it should tell a reviewer the most important information right away, let them understand the benefits, realize what is needed to adopt into their community, what options are available to trial, and how and who to contact about it and get more information.

Elements of a great description include:

  • Summary Statement: Open with a 2 or 3 sentence summary of what this is and what it does so reviewers know what they are looking at right away and why they should keep reading.
  • Impact Statement: Tell reviewers who the product is targeted at, how it changes their lives or improves the community, why this stands out from other similar solutions.
  • Technology: Create a simple and accessible description of what technology backs the product to appeal to a wide audience and communicates what it would take to adopt this product.
  • Contact & Information: Include a way to reach out for more information and links to websites. Emails should avoid a specific person as a contact and use a generic email like [email protected] to avoid dead contacts.
  • Other things to keep in mind: Extensive histories or descriptions of the technologies are better for external sources like your website. Extensive descriptions of the problem statement are often not needed as they are already here looking for a solution.

Other information such as the status of the project (Idea, Development, Deployed, etc), what sector it serves, and what community it is associated with helps us catalog it effectively.

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