Next-Gen Technologies

US Ignite is fostering the development of next-generation application and digital experiences that will transform how we receive everything from weather reports to healthcare, to how we use the library, guide transportation in our cities and more.

US Ignite helps maintain US global leadership in innovation by leveraging the combined resources and capabilities of industry, government, and academia.

To bring these apps to life, developers leverage the unique capabilities of next-generation networks, including:

  • 100 Mbps+ and low latency, permitting for example, multiple bi-directional streams of uncompressed video.
  • Software-defined networks (e.g.,OpenFlow), promising dramatically-improved control over network routing and optimization.
  • Networks with capabilities such as virtual network “slices” matched to application requirements and distributed programmable resources throughout the network.
  • Integrated wireless networks to facilitate, for example, sensor networks and continuous remote monitoring.
  • Applications built to be open, shared, and extendable.